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Giulio Ricciardi is a professional live club DJ, producer, remixer, and audio engineer with 16 years of experience in the music industry. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, and best known for his incredible talent and genuine passion for Techno and House music, he's built an impressively versatile resume over the years. 

Spending much of his time composing thought-provoking tracks, mixes, and reproductions, he anticipates connecting with his listeners on the same wavelength. Pulling inspiration from real-life experiences, he creates next-level music for those who want to listen to be inspired and invigorated.


Since 2009 Giulio Ricciardi has been in the techno trenches spreading a unique blend of techno and house, spiced with Detroit influences. As a resident of New York City, Giulio frequently performed at clubs in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Networking heavily through the industry, these years were crucial in the formation of Giulio’s style by mainlining the energy of the concrete jungle.   

As an audio engineer, Giulio’s capabilities of sonic blending and smooth mixing are unmatched, drawing from 10 years of live sound experience. This combination of skills can be heard in every work of Giulio’s, and has become a unique strength. 


Versatile on hardware and tech, Giulio’s knowledge of the fundamentals is built upon a strong foundation of formal education and classical training, studying music technology and recording during university.  Prior, these interests were pursued and studied for over a decade, further enhancing his technical knowledge and rounding out a finely tuned skill set.

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